poniedziałek, 14 września 2020

New Scotland Yard Hotel

 So I have promised you London. I have even created a separate sub page for it... It's about time I write something about it;) With restaurants and hotels reopening slowly I hope to be able to start visiting places again. I find walking around London and popping to bars and pubs an endless source of inspiration. Today I'm going to show you The Great Scotland Yard Hotel  that made a huge impression on me when I visited it... just before the lock-down. 

 Interiors of 152- room luxury boutique hotel located in the once infamous and historical site of London's Metropolitan Police headquarters were designed by HBA. In the interiors we find an eclectic mix of Edwardian inspired hues and patterns and contemporary details.  

 There are several different venues within the space, each of them having slightly different mood and offering versatile dining experiences. My favourite must be The Parlour- relaxed space, more like a living room then anything else... (Which is what I believe parlour actually means) This is where you can enjoy your afternoon tea. The space made me feel like little Nel form Sienkiewicz's In Desert and Wilderness and I must tell you I quite enjoyed myself;)

 There's an all day dining restaurant and a bar. Both beautiful and designed with a highest attention to detail.... 

... but you'd expect both in a hotel.... there's also a hidden gem you wouldn't expect... And it's a literally hidden whiskey bar <3 

 The whole place is really gorgeous and creates a unique experience... It is really impressive how consistent everything is despite the amount of different patterns and textures and richness of the interior. A definite must see if you are about to visit London! Especially as my photos don't show how beautiful it is... but that's what you get with dimmed lights everywhere ;) 

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